Mary Stewart Adams

Star Lore Historian
Inner Circle Gallery Talk
January 10, 12 pm

The Compass Rose of Wind & Stars as a Meditation

on the Cosmic Harmony of the New Year

Mary Stewart Adams, Star Lore Historian, will share the celestial highlights of the new year, which includes the total eclipse of the moon that will occur on January 20-21, 2019, and that will be visible all over North America.

In addition, we will work on a hands-on project creating a compass rose of wind and stars.  

On historical navigation maps, a “compass rose” usually appears as an 8-pointed star used to indicate the cardinal and ordinal directions. On a ship’s compass, these points were named for the wind that came from that direction.  

The sidereal compass rose, or “rose of stars” on the other hand, marked 32 compass points, based on certain stars as they rose and set in the sky. This type of compass originated with the nomadic tribes of the Middle East, who traveled through the desert lands gleaning their direction from the stars, rather than from sailors making best use of prevailing winds. 

Joining the roses of wind and stars is a beautiful way to celebrate the new year artistically and contemplatively!

Also, our event is planned in conjunction with the International Year of Astronomy’s 100 Hours of Astronomy campaign, through which events around the world are being coordinated as part 

of the International Astronomical Union’s 100th Anniversary in 2019 , and to highlight the role of Astronomy in bettering the world. 

Additional info:www.storytellersnightsky.com


Begins at 12 pm at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts

​Free and open to the public​


Inner Circle Gallery Talks

Charles R. Murphy
Inner Circle Gallery Talk
February 21, 12 pm

Mr. Murphy's ambition since childhood has always been to be a professional artist.  Since moving to northern Michigan in 1977 his career has blossomed in several capacities.  He spent several years supplementing his modest artist's income working in furniture design and cabinetry.  Since college he also began teaching painting classes and workshops both in the U.S. and abroad.

In recent years he received an award for Art Educator of The Year. As a two-time gallery owner, Art Fair exhibitor and street artist he spent a great deal of time in direct contact with the art-buying public.  Early representation by corporate art dealers and galleries brought a client list that included Kraft Foods, General Motors, U. S. Gypsum, John Hancock, Mead Corporation, Prudential and many more.  He has been represented by over 50 galleries.

Charles has exhibited with the American Watercolor Society and the International Society of Experimental Artists. In the early 90's a collaboration with a young, learning disabled girl yielded a multiple award-winning book, REACH FOR THE MOON (Scholastic).  This in turn, led to more book illustration, including a book of illustrated, rhyming verse both written and illustrated by the artist (THE WAKING HOUR).  Most recently, Charles Murphy has illustrated the third book in a series by author Bill O. Smith (CHICKADEELAND) Sleepytime Press.

The artist and his wife, Carrie, live in Traverse City, Michigan.  He is represented by The Twisted Fish Gallery in Elk Rapids, Michigan, The Bier Gallery in Charlevoix, Michigan and McMillen's Framing in Traverse City, Michigan.  Join us for a gallery talk and book signing of his book "The Waking Hour".

Begins at 12 pm at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts

​Free and open to the public​

Trish Morgan

Children's Book Illustration
Inner Circle Gallery Talk
March 1, 12 pm

A general overview of children’s book illustration for the self-publisher and discussion of the specific method Trish uses to create watercolor illustrations for a book from start to finish.

Trish graduated from Kendall School of Art & Design with a degree in Illustration, and over the last 8 years, has fulfilled her dream of illustrating children’s books with friend and self-published author, Suzanne Malpass, with a series of true animal stories that have happy endings. The series is now numbering 8 books with the 2018 re-release of Stony’s Tale is Malpass’s first sold-out book which has now been converted from photographs to Trish’s watercolor renderings.

If you’ve ever wondered about the book illustration process or thought about illustrating a story yourself and didn’t know where to begin, come and join the talk on March 1 at the Circle. 

Begins at 12 pm at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts

​Free and open to the public​