​June 18: Sam Knecht
Portrait Demonstration / The Strange Case of Ernesta

1 pm

Sam Knecht will give an in gallery portrait demonstration that is free and open to the public. You will be able to see work by Sam and other Michigan Portrait Artists in the gallery exhibition.

​Powerpoint lecture “The Strange Case of “Ernesta” by Cecilia Beaux.  This covers the story of how the painting was finished in 1912 but then underwent background changes in the ensuing years, and finally was cut apart sometime after the artist’s death.  The two remaining paintings from this case are in the collection of Hillsdale College and have been researched exhaustively by Professor Knecht.​

April 26: Margie Guyot

Open Studio Tour!

​12-4 pm


We are invited to the Eastport studio of Margie Guyot to see first hand where she creates the magnificent paintings that are represented in her solo exhibition: Margie Guyot, A Not So Still Life. It is a special treat to be able to see inside an artist's studio and Margie will show us her blue bottle garden, her painting studio and perhaps her kitties Picasso, Miss America, Mr. Wonderful and Bernie Sanders will appear.

February  22: Mary Stewart Adams 

Year of the Dog: Chinese New Year

​​Join Mary as she discusses storytelling in the stars! We've welcomed Mary back for a 2nd inner circle talk because the first one was so exciting and inspiring. Mary will be discussing the Chinese New Year: 2018 Year of the Dog as well as the incredible January Full Moon which is called, "A Black & Blue Moon." You won't want to miss her storytelling magic.

February 8: Valerie Mann 

Chasing the Running Stitch Artist

Valerie Mann Art has shown her work professionally in the U.S. and abroad for 26 years.  Her work has received numerous awards and are in public and private collections in the U.S., Europe and Asia.  Mann is inspired by the outdoors, people, materials and pushing the boundaries of possibility with those materials. She will be discussing her installation, Fortunes that she has been working on since 2004.  This piece is a clothesline installation of vintage baby garments, each embroidered with a "fortune", a destiny that a child has come into the world with - seemingly random, arbitrary.  The idea is, each of us comes into this world in a set of circumstances beyond our control and at some point, in our lives we can make the opportunity to transcend those circumstances.  


Chad Pastotnik 

Founder of Deep Wood Press
Inner Circle Gallery Talk
September 20, 11 am

Chad Pastotnik began his life's work as a printmaker focusing on the intaglio processes of engraving and mezzotint and the relief processes of wood engraving and linoleum cuts. Book binding started happening in 1990 which led to letterpress shortly after. The cohesion of fine art prints in the hand bound book form accompanied by hand-set or hot metal text composition for letterpress printing of wondrous stories is the primary focus of Deep Wood Press.

Begins at 11 am at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts

​Open to the public


Sue Bolt, Block - Paper - Print artist
Inner Circle Gallery Talk
October 25, 10 am

Charlevoix artist Sue Bolt will give a gallery talk outlining aspects of historical printmaking and show the relevance of traditional processes in today’s world.  With a life-time of experience beginning with her days working for the Detroit Free Press and publications elsewhere, Sue is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and hands-on experience of various forms of printmaking with real-life applications of most processes.

Begins at 10 am at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts

​Open to the public


March 1: Katie Hafner

Deepening our Art Practice Through Reflection 

​​Lake Leelanau, Chasing the Running Stitch artist, Katie Hafner will be in the gallery to discuss textiles, her process of creation and what inspires her. In this talk we will explore the process oriented art-making as a pathway of honoring our creativity for personal, cultural and cosmic well-being. For Katie, creativity is a vital force that can be nurtured and fed, through creating we can build bridges between the imaginal realm and the material world and gain access to a deeper and wider understanding of our own lives and the living pulse that connects us all. Come prepared to listed, to explore art and writing, and to do a little writing of you own.

Upcoming Inner Circle Talks

Inner Circle Gallery Talks

April 19: Terry Wooten

Performs from his collected works

Terry Wooten has been called, “An everyday Homer writing as a modern Bard for ordinary heroes.” He is an award winning poet and creator of the Stone Circle, a talismanic landmark, and focus of an international documentary film. His recent collected works, The Stone Circle Poems,was selected as a Notable Book by the Michigan State Library for 2016. He has taken his performance poetry and writing workshop program to K-12 schools, colleges, libraries, festivals and conferences for over 30 years.