Pencil and Paper

June 14 - August 12

“Why learn to draw? Simply stated: Because drawing is powerful.  Drawing is the most basic passageway through which you can access the power of art to express profound universal ideas, feelings, beliefs, and truths.”

-Fred Ross, Chairman, Art Renewal Center

The Charlevoix Circle of Arts is dedicating the gallery the summer of 2019 to the fine art of drawing, a fundamental building block of which most other forms of art are created.  



Portraits of Whimsy​​​​​​

April 12 - June 8
A gathering of highly talented artists whose work employs a dash of whimsy and delight.  The artwork on display in this exhibit include paintings, assemblages, and sculptures that illustrate that "whimsy" can truly acquire the status of sophisticated fine art.


Indy Bacon

Margie Guyot

Nancy Nash

Kelli Snively

Michelle Tock York

Margaret White

Marilyn Silver

 Quilting Legacy

August 16 - September 7

Marilyn J. Silver was a sister, mother, wife, grandmother, quilter extraordinaire and a friend to almost everyone. She began quilting after 2 decades of knitting, crocheting, sewing and reinventing vintage pieces of fabric into decorative items. Her attraction to color and design stems from her worldwide travels.

Quilting captured the essence of Marilyn's artistic dreams and abilities.  Each finished piece was an adventure or a vehicle for fun and richness.  Marilyn’s most recent work was often described as whimsical, surprisingly artful, clever, magical, warm, lively, bold colors and texture.

This exhibit showcases Marilyn’s quilting timeline from 1998-present.  All that knew her saw her whole life as a work of art.  Her first quilts were classic quilting designs which progressed into individual masterpieces possessing her unique artist vision.  Marilyn would scour flea markets, antiques shops and became a junk yard enthusiast on a mission to obtain the most unique items add to her quilts.  She not only created these works of art for herself and family, her dear friends were blessed to own one of her magical creations.  This display is from us to share her world of quilting with you.