*note: these images represent details of original works

We delve into the world of Eastport Artist Margie Guyot in an exhibition brimming with creative inspirations in a range of flamboyant still lives based on found items of interest. Margie loves working with highly patterned and saturated colored  paintings, challenge herself to represent the textures and colors that draw her eye. From molded glass objects, plants, shells, feathers, highly patterned table cloths and more, Margie's work  is of the highest caliber and the springing board for rich conversations.

November 16 - December 22


Phil Fisher

 Portraits in Michigan 

A perennial favorite, the Circle mARkeT gathers artists from around the state for a holiday shopping market making gift giving fun and effortless. If you are interested in being considered for this upcoming market, please send your information through the mARkeT application page of this website. Featured to the right is the work of Charlevoix artist Larissa Flynn in a wonderfully inspired wreath created out of ballet slippers.  

April 13- May 26

Circle mARkeT 2018

The Juried Fine Arts exhibition in 2018 will be juried by Naples, Florida artist Phil Fisher. This exhibition will be accepting entries in April 2 through June 16th. This is open to artists 18 years of age and older and all media will be considered. 

January 19 -March 3

The running stitch is the fundamental stitch in hand-sewing and embroidery, on which all other forms of sewing are based. We are exploring the running stitch and its progressions in fine art statements through stitch patterns, stitch construction, poetic stitches, quilted stitched assemblages in 2 and 3 dimensional work

Opening Friday September 14, 5-7 pm

​​Margie Guyot: A Not So Still Life

Chasing the Running Stitch

June 1- July 14

September 14 - November 3

Michigan Printmaking

Artwork by Larissa Flynn

July 20 - September 8

The Circle of Arts will represent Michigan printmakers and delve into various forms of printmaking in an explorative and informative exhibition honoring the fine art of the print. 

March 10-April 6

Bunny Homan, The Portrait Society of America State Ambassador for Michigan has teamed up with Signature Member Sam Knecht and Charlevoix Circle of Arts Executive Director Gail DeMeyere to curate, Portraits in Michigan, an invitational exhibition this June and July.  This exhibition will include Michigan PSA artist members and others with whom they network.  PSA ‘notables’ exhibiting in the show include Harry Ahn, Anthony Frudakis, along with the artist curators Homan and Knecht.  Portrait workshops will be offered by Sam Knecht and by Vianna Szabo. During the run of the exhibition, gallery talks, demonstrations and workshops will be presented. 

 2018 Exhibition Schedule

Spotlight on Innovation

Juried Fine Arts​

First Place Aware: Paul Van Heest