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Bonnie Staffel: A Potter's Life

January-February 2017

Bonnie (Betts) Staffel, pioneer studio potter in Charlevoix, was selected as one of four recipients of the inaugural Maumee High School (Ohio) distinguished Alumnus Awards at a dinner ceremony September 3, 2010 in the Performing Arts Center of the school. The other recipients were James Cannaley, a Toledo business leader in the manufacturing industry; Dr. Douglas Smith, a noted Seattle physician specializing in limb amputation, reconstructive surgery, prosthetics and rehabilitation; and Dick Kazmaier, a successful Massachusetts businessman and when attending Princeton University, he received the 1951 Heisman Trophy which he later donated to Maumee High School. These four were chosen from 15 individuals who were nominated for the awards.

She and her husband, Bill Staffel, purchased property seven miles south of Charlevoix in which to start their pottery studio in 1965. Their gallery was in business for 20 years. They were staunch supporters of the growth in the cultural opportunities of the area and often urged their artist friends to also open their studios in Charlevoix. She was involved in many more art activities including winning awards, having one and two man shows in regional galleries. She changed her focus in 1985 to become Program Director in a North Carolina art/craft school as well as being involved in starting a new art/craft school in Mississippi in 1990. She traveled nationally and abroad, and taught pottery in Denmark. She returned to Charlevoix in 1991 to again focus on her pottery.

Have you noticed "How does your garden grow?" at the Circle? Thanks to Nancy Hansen and her love of gardening, we have lovely blooms to welcome you.

Join us for a bus trip to Grand Rapids to see the Art Prize installation on October 2, 2018, which is the Tuesday before the award ceremony on October 7. We will leave early morning and spend all day touring Art Prize installations in the beautiful city of Grand Rapids. Last year, we were excited to see some of our own Charleovix-local artists as well as some very interesting art pieces. Save your seat before we fill the bus this year!

8th Annual Fine Art Photography opening award recipients:

Mike Schlitt, Wally Barkley, Brice Voran, Gary Gee, Linda Gall &

Rob Maxwell

Grandview Ensemble performs at the Armchair Theatre's presentation of the Light Fantastic

Art from the Attic was held on Bridge Street as an auction to help support the Circle in their mission to cultivate a more inspired and educated community through the arts 

Thanks to the work of Wendy Bean (dirt mover and sign cleaner extraordinaire), Robert Scudder (sign designer and placement expert) and Jim Bean (hole digging master) we have a new sign in place!‚Äč The sign was made possible by Sign & Design of Petoskey and a monetary donation by Rotary Club of Charlevoix and Luther and Marty Kurtz

Past Events at the Circle

The St. Mary School visited the Charlevoix Circle of Arts and enjoyed a wonderful gallery tour of our Celebration of Native Cultures along with a hands-on printmaking craft. Thank you to Todd Warner and Lori Bolt for coordinating the tour!

Summer Tool Time Art Camp students celebrate there final day by constructing an inflatable turtle and jumping inside!

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Upcoming Events at the Circle

A mural of Charlevoix was created by children at the Farmer's Market under the direction of Lori Bolt and Laura Kelly.