Watercolor Sketchbook Workshop

with Patrick Wise

July 30 & 31st



Watercolor where you are, without bringing so many supplies. Patrick will show you the art of watercolor sketchbook in this 2 day masterclass. Click below to read more about Patrick and his artistic career. 

Palette Class 

with James Kosloskey

August 6 & 7 


August 20 & 21


$200/ 2-day workshop

"No Brushes Allowed!" James Kosloskey 

Join us for a 2-Day workshop offered two different times in August. We will be learning the Kosloskey method. He uses a single palette knife to put oil paint on a canvas, rather than "a gazillion brushes for each technique." All materials are provided for students, who walk away with a completed painting of their own.

Upcoming Class Schedule

Painterly Portraits

from Photographs

with Vianna Szabo

July 14 and 15

9 am - 3 pm 

Fee: $250

The focus of this workshop is to learn how to work from a photograph with an artist's eye to get a painterly result rather than a copy. We will discuss what makes a good photo reference and then have a short session learning how to photograph and light a model. Next you will learn how to digitally edit photos to be more "artist friendly". The rest of the class will be spent with demonstrations and students working on their own paintings with personal critique from the instructor.

Painting the Portrait from Life in Oil

with Sam Knecht

June 16 and 17

9 am - 8 pm (with breaks for lunch and dinner)

Fee: $250

In this two-day workshop​,​ Sam will begin with a discussion on good portraiture with a Powerpoint lecture. From there you will create two 1/2 hour sketches from a live model with your own choice of paper and dry drawing media. Sam will demonstrate drawing from the model  employing direct observation with handouts given on proportions and artistic anatomy of facial features. The class then moves on to their own drawings with instruction and coaching by the instructor.

From there Sam will demonstrate a wash scrub-in to establish contours and values in oil. The class will move to their own work laying in values. There will be group critiques to evaluate progress and revisions. 

Sam will do a bust length demo portrait using the Zorn palette of colors with color mixtures prepared in "color chains". The class then works on their own canvases. there will be a final critique and discussion.

To note: on Monday morning June 18th beginning at 10 am, Sam will give a gallery talk open to the public on "The Strange Case of 'Ernesta' by Cecilia Beaux.