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Armchair Theater Presents:

Portraits of Whimsy – A Theatrical Afternoon in Three Acts
May 5 at 2 pm

Armchair Theatre presents three one-act plays that showcase the human condition at its most vulnerable, eccentric, and whimsical. 

Act 1:  Come meet the Teal Family in “Suspect to Change” by Will Humble a comedy of errors involving love, friendship, misunderstanding, misplaced pride and mistaken identity.

Act 2: “The Gondoliers” by I. E. Clark. Introduces us to two Venetian gondoliers, Giuseppe and Marco Palmieri, who marry two Venetian maidens, Tessa and Gianetta. They live happily ever—whoa! This pleasant scene is suddenly interrupted when the grand inquisitor reveals that Giuseppe and Marco are not brothers after all ... one of them is the long-lost heir to the throne of Barataria 

Act 3: “BAD NEWS, PLUTO” by Peter Keel.  It’s the annual planetary meeting and the planets are awaiting the arrival of Pluto, the ninth planet. Or at least until last week. Now Pluto has been reclassified and it’s their job to let him know that from this day forward Pluto will no longer be considered a real planet, merely a dwarf planet.