Kathryn Reuschel

Introduction to Shibori Workshop

November 11 & 12


$120 (Includes Materials)

This work shop is a two days of painting inside at the Charlevoix Circle of Arts. It is for all levels painting in oils. We all come with different skill levels and the things we like to paint. I will survey each individual in the class to understand each person’s goals, skills, experiences, and what they would like to take away from this class.
We will work from reference photographs that either I will bring or from students photos. If you bring photos please make sure they are high quality and will scale to the appropriate canvas size you will be using (I will explain and help with scaling), it will make easier for both of us. We will not have enough time to do any portraits in this class. That is for another workshop. We will begin with how to compose a painting and what makes a good composition. Then how to draw it onto the canvas, ether free hand or using a grid. Whichever is appropriate? We will discuss basic elements, Value, Color and Design and the concept of “What do you want to say with this painting”?

Fall Enrichment Class Schedule

Robert Scudder

Oil Painting Workshop

November 4 & 5


$120 (Materials List Below)

Trish Morgan

Watercolor Workshop

October 21 & 22 9am -4pm

Trish Morgan Workshop
The Underpainting in Watercolor
$150 Class Fee
October 21 & 22 9am -4pm

2- Day workshop covering my method to capturing sunlight in watercolor. From basic design principles, watercolor techniques and the pattern sketch, through how to apply these steps to a painting.
This class is for more experienced painters with basic knowledge of watercolor, or brave "Can-Do" beginners!

In this two-day workshop you will learn basic Japanese Shibori resist dye techniques on white cotton fabric yardage and bamboo rayon scarves, which will be provided.  You will learn a technique that can be duplicated on gifts, clothes, quilts, and many other outlets after this workshop. 

Heidi Finley

Marbled Silk Scarf Workshop

October 28 10am-1pm

$65 (Includes Materials)

Take a lesson in marbling where you create your own one-of-a-kind large (14" x 72") silk scarf. These are hand-washable and true artistic expressions! You choose your own color pattern.